About us

Laton-Med Investment Co. is one of the largest and the most prestigious nationwide wholesale supplier companies. This firm was registered under the name of Kiyan Company in the Germany in 1990. Then, the company renamed into Laton-Med in 2015.  After reorganization in 2015, Laton-Med hopes to bring the affordable but reliable medical and drug products to the human kind at quick pace. Now, firm headquarters is located in London and that the company has 5 branches all around the world.


Main interesting scope activity of the company is related to supply medical equipment and drug products. Our end users are from all levels of hospitals and have been successful in the government procurement projects.


As regards the customers, we will provide you the information on all aspects of the product such as price, delivery time, and during the preparation of the goods.  We will offer you the highest quality suggestions to achieve win-win deal with our customers.



Website: www.Laton-med.co.uk